Saturday, September 8, 2007

Other apps

Please post your comments on DiskUsageAnalyzer/FindDuplicates/TypherTransfer here.


Anonymous said...


About NTFS 3G for Mac? here too?

Erik said...

NTFS-3G is not my project, I'm merely packaging it, patching it and making it work.
These pages are meant for my own publications.

Anonymous said...

I read on the comments that the software NTFS for mac isn't yours, but mabye you can help me anyway...
I installed it and it works well, but do you know if it uses my hard disk as cache for some reasons?
I copyed some files on my NTFS HDD but I have always less space also on my Mac HDD and I don't know where I can go to cancel them... I hope you understand what I wote

...and that you can help also :)

thanx a lot